Useful links #31

Here Document (HereDoc) in short

React-like desktop GUI toolkit for Go

List of 24 basic work techniques for Software Architects

Wakes and sleeps Pods/containers in Kubernetes - cost savings

Setup file storage in minutes not days

Replace on-call SOPs & documents with interactive PlayBooks to improve DevEx for your SRE & On-Call teams

Handy tools for developers

matcha.css is a pure CSS library designed to style HTML elements similarly to a default browser stylesheet, eliminating the need for users to manually patch their documents

Backend As A Service

Tables for Go

PaaS (Heroku alternative)

A collection of eBPF-based gadgets to debug and inspect Kubernetes apps and resources

Deploy server-side code that works as API endpoints, runs automatically in response to events, or processes more complex jobs in the background

How I give the right amount of context (in any situation)