Useful links #26

Useful links #26

Minify Docker container without any change

Agent GPT

  • traveling planner

  • creating reports

  • etc.

The AI search engine for developers

Summarize Youtube Video

Complete Guide To Setup AutoGPT & Revolutionize Your Task Automation with GPT-4

Multipurpose tool for semantically searching documents

Display and control your Android device

Get the TLDR of a YouTube Video

Create Regular Expressions with GPT

Generate names for your projects

SLA, uptime calculator

Read articles without annoying paywalls

Find domain

Tunnel via Cloudflare to any TCP Service

Diff tool for YAML

ChatGPT plugin to generate accurate Kubernetes manifests

A process for automating Docker container base image updates

Interact privately with your documents using the power of GPT

Receive webhooks online

Best ChatGPT alternatives

Platform to turn scripts into workflows and UIs

  • on schedule

  • various languages