Useful links #27

Useful links #27

Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds

Chat with your documents offline using AI

Sync secrets across your team/infrastructure

Blockchain visualization

Simple secrets manager for developers

Cloud-native observability platform built specifically for logs, metrics, traces and analytics designed to work at petabyte scale

Make JSON greppable super fast

CLI tool to insert spacers when command output stops

Song shortener. Song lengthener. Perfect loop finder. Make music fit your needs without fadeouts or cuts

Workout exercises

Convert any spreadsheet calculator into an API

Shell utility to interactively select lines from stdin and output them to stdout

Advanced Helm templating

Complete open-source observability platform

Fast and flexible scripting for Go developers and DevOps

Comfortably monitor your Internet traffic

Open-source tool to bypass Windows and Linux user passwords from a bootable USB based on Linux

Extensible Python client library for Kubernetes

Effective Engineer - Notes